Supporting Documents allows the user to link an electronic file to a record. Once the file is uploaded to the IndustrySafe server, anyone who can access the record can view the linked documents. This function is ideal for linking digital photos of an event or occurrence to the record. Supporting Documents can be available on all recording forms. If available on the form, the Attach File button is located at the bottom of the form. To link a file to a record, the user simply selects the Attach File button. The Supporting Documents window will appear. Browse for the file on the hard drive or network, name the file and select the Upload button. Within seconds the file is linked to the record; a hyperlink will appear within the form. Any user who has access to the form can view the file by selecting the hyperlink. The file will open in a new window.

Quick Steps Example: Linking a Digital Photo to a Corrective Action

  1. Open the Corrective Action module by selecting the Corrective Action tab in the main menu.
  2. In the Summary, select the System ID of a record.
  3. Select the Add Attachments button.
  4. The Supporting Documents window will appear.
  5. Select browse to find the file.
  6. Name the file.
  7. Select the Upload button.
  8. IndustrySafe will upload the file to the server.
  9. Select the “Ok” button.
  10. Scroll to the bottom of the form and notice that the name of the file appears as a hyperlink.
  11. Select the hyperlink.
  12. A new window should open displaying the file.


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