As of Release 5.0, the risk matrix utilized in the Incident (Release 5.0 and higher) and Hazard Modules can be modified by System Administrators in IndustrySafe.   The default settings of the IndustrySafe risk matrix are available in this knowledge base article.

To modify the portions of the risk matrix go to System Functions>Edit Forms>Hazards>Hazard Evaluation.

(The risk matrix can also be modified from the new incident form. Both the hazard form and new incident form utilize the same risk matrix and modifying the matrix in one of these forms will modify it in the other).

System Administrators can edit the Hazard Probability, Hazard Severity, and Risk Assessment labels.  System Administrators can also edit the hazard severity and probability drop downs by selecting the drop down hyperlink.  When editing the probability and severity drop downs, System Administrators will need to put in both a drop down label and a numeric value.  System Administrators can add or remove drop down values so organizations can have a risk matrix that uses 5X4 rankings or 5X5 or 3X4 (etc.) The numeric value for probability and severity will be multiplied by each other to calculate risk assessment values.

To modify the risk assessment values, System Administrators can select the text hyperlink next to Risk Assessment on the Edit Forms page.  System Administrators can modify the label and numeric values for each of the risk assessment values and and or remove risk assessment categories.  The risk assessment value is calculated by multiplying the probability and severity values (configured in the severity and probability drop downs) together.

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