Reports & Analysis function allows the user to generate pre-set reports based on the data entered into the recording forms. Users are able to filter reports using preset options on the Create Report Page. The user is able to customize the date range of every report. All reports will display the filters and date range selected, the date the report was generated, the number of pages in the report and an IndustrySafe logo.

To create a report, the user selects a specific report, selects the appropriate filters and date range and selects the create report button. A new window will open displaying the report in the format specified by the user (PDF is the default). The user may then view, print and/or save the report.


  1. Mike Hayden

    I am still having a problem generating reports for a particular class within a specific date range for who has attended class and for people who are overdue ?

    1. Danielle Goddard Article Author


      Thank you for contacting us. A member of our support team will be following up with you shortly to gather more information about this issue and assist in troubleshooting.

      Danielle Goddard
      Senior Marketing & Support Analyst – TRA, Inc.

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