To begin using IndustrySafe, you will need to enter data about your facilities or locations.  If you have a small number of locations, and do not wish to group them into regions or divisions, simply go to System Functions > Company Profile and click on Add New Facility to add a new location.  You may also click on the Facility Summary link to see a list of your existing facilities.

One-Time Import
You may also send us a file with your location/facility data and we will import it into IndustrySafe for you.  Please read this article for more details about a one-time import of your facilities.

On-Going Imports
The import can be run using an FTP process or by manually importing a file into IndustrySafe.  An audit log can be generated in System Functions that displays the results of the import.



Please feel free to contact us for more information regarding the pricing of the Facility Data Import Service or to set this service up for your site.

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