To access a record from a summary screen (incident, corrective action, etc.), you first must locate that record.  To do this, ensure that only the desired filters are set.  To clear all filters, you may click on the Reset Button at the top of the screen.  This will generally display all records for the past 30 days.

Sorting Records in the Summary Screen
You may change the field that is used to sort records in the summary screen by changing the option selected in the “Sort By” field at the top of the screen.  By default, most summary screens filter records by date, but you may sort records by any of the fields on the summary screen.

Opening a Record from the Summary Screen
Once you have located the record you wish to open or modify, select the System ID or Incident Number.  This will open that record and allow you to make changes.  When you are finished making your changes, select the save button to save your modifications, and click on the Summary link to return to the Summary Screen.  You will notice that when you return to the summary screen, you filter and sort criteria have been saved along with the page that you last viewed.

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