With the appropriate user level setting, users can close records for forms where the Close Section is available. Closing a record means that edits can no longer be made to the record unless a user with the appropriate user level reopens the record. To close a record, simply select the module. Find the record you wish to close using the sort and filter functions of the summary screen. Select the System ID for the record. The desired record will appear. Select the Close button. IndustrySafe will check all fields to ensure that all data is in the valid format and that all required fields are completed. If all appropriate data has been entered, including all required fields, the Close Confirmation page will appear. Select the Yes button to close the record.

Quick Steps Example: Closing a Incident Form

  1. Open the Incident module by selecting the Incidents tab in the main menu.
  2. In the Incident Summary, select the Incident Number of the record you wish to close.
  3. Select the Incident Form you wish to close.
  4. Select the Close button.
  5. If all required fields are complete and all data is in a valid format, the close confirmation page will appear.
  6. Select the Yes button.
  7. Edits can no longer be made to the record unless the form is reopened and the Save button will be removed from the form.

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