Administrators of IndustrySafe can reset the password of a user at any time. To reset a user’s password, login to IndustrySafe and select the System Functions wrench. Then select Users and User Summary. From the User Summary screen, you can search for the user who needs their password changed by selecting the magnifying glass and searching by name or username. You can then select their System ID and it will display their user record. From this page, you can type in a password and confirm that password, then select “Save.” You will then need to email the user their new password.

User Summary


User Record




If the user wants to change the password you assigned them after they login, they can follow the instructions on how a user can reset their password.

Another option for resetting a user’s password  is using the “Forgot your password?” link from the IndustrySafe login page. If you enter the IndustrySafe username and the email associated with their IndustrySafe user record, the system will email that user a temporary password.

Forgot Your Password

Password Reset


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