With the 5.11 Update, IndustrySafe’s OSHA 300A Create Report page has been updated so that you can now generate a CSV file of OSHA 300A data for your applicable establishments. This will allow you to convert your OSHA recordable data into the proper format to comply with OSHA’s New Electronic Recordkeeping Rule.

To generate a CSV file in IndustrySafe, first go to Incidents tab. Click on Regulatory Reports, and select OSHA 300a from the drop down menu.

IndustrySafe OSHA Regulatory Reports Log

On the next screen, select “OSHA CSV” as the report’s output format. You can choose to group your records by Facility, Business Group, Region, or Division. After selecting any desired filters, simply click the “Create Report” button to generate your CSV file.

Reports Analysis output for OSHA CSV file

If your organization’s CSV data does not meet OSHA’s validation criteria, an error message will display providing you with additional information about the issue.

OSHA CSV Validation Error Message

You can click the “Ignore Error” button if you still wish to generate the report, and the download will start promptly.

On August 1, 2017, OSHA’s Injury Tracking Application (ITA) was launched to allow safety professionals to electronically submit your 300A data. CSV files downloaded from IndustrySafe are accepted by the ITA. Please be sure that if you open or edit any CSV files from IndustrySafe, you are saving them as a Comma Separated Value file so that the ITA can process the data.


  1. Geri Geiselhart

    Once you create the OSHA 300 CSV file, do we need to save it somewhere then send it to OSHA or does it download to OSHA from the IndustrySafe Site?

    1. Danielle Goddard

      Good morning Geri,

      Once you’ve generated your CSV file, you will need to save this file to your computer. Your CSV file will not be automatically submitted to OSHA from your IndustrySafe site at this time.

      When OSHA’s injury tracking application (ITA) site is launched, you can use this tool to submit your saved CSV file to OSHA. OSHA had originally intended to launch its ITA site in February of 2017. However, the launch of the site has been delayed and OSHA has announced that it intends to extend the July 1st data submission deadline.

      Delaying the ruling’s first submission deadline will not only provide OSHA with more time to build and release the ITA site and other data submission tools, but will also ease the burden for employers by allowing you additional time to prepare your data.

      Hope this is helpful. For additional information about the 5.11 update, please review our release notes: https://support.industrysafe.com/industrysafe-release-notes-spring-2017-5-11/

      You can also find the latest news regarding OSHA’s final rule on the electronic submission of recordkeeping data here:

      Please contact support@industrysafe.com if you have any additional questions, or if we may be of any further assistance.

      Thank you,
      Danielle Goddard
      Senior Marketing and Support Analyst
      IndustrySafe Safety Management Software

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