As part of the IndustrySafe Setup and Configuration Assistance Service, TRA will assist you with setting up your Facility / Location Hierarchy.

To begin using IndustrySafe, you will need to enter data about your facilities or locations.  If you have a small number of locations, and do not wish to group them into regions or divisions, simply go to System Functions > Company Profile and click on the Add New Facility link to add a new location.  You may also click on the Facility Summary link to see a list of your existing facilities.

IndustrySafe also provides the capability to group your facilities and generate roll-up reports.  To enable this feature, go to System Functions > Setup > Edit Forms and select Company Profile for the Recording Form and Basic Information for the Section.  On that screen there are four fields related to the hierarchy in IndustrySafe: Business Group, Region, Division, and Facility.  You may change the name of any of these fields, and you may enable any of the fields above facility to help you group and organize your facilities.  Facilities are grouped into divisions, divisions are grouped into regions, and regions are grouped into business groups.

To add new options for business groups, regions, or divisions, just click on the Drop Down hyperlink next to the appropriate field.

For more information about building your hierarchy, watch our video:
> > Building Your IndustrySafe Hierarchy

One-Time Import

If you have a large number of locations and would like us to import those into IndustrySafe for you, simply complete the template linked below and send it to us.
>> Location Data Import Template


  1. Ashley Haslett

    Hi Danielle,

    I’m trying to add new Locations and Facilities on to Industry Safe. I’ve read the guidance, but having selected the company from the drop down list, I appear only to have the options of existing drop down lists for Location and Facilities. How do I add new ones of those?

    1. Danielle Goddard Article Author

      Hi Ashley,

      To add new Locations and Facilities, simply go to System Functions > Setup > Edit Forms > Recording Form: Facility Profile > Section: Basic Information, and click the dropdown link located next to “Location.” From there, you can click the Add button to add a new Location and use the dropdown to the right to nest it under an existing Company. After you’ve added and saved your new Location, you can go to Company Profile > Add New Facility, to add a new Facility and nest it under your new Location.

      Hope these instructions are helpful. Please contact if we can be of any further assistance.

      Danielle Goddard
      Marketing & Support Analyst

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