The Employee Personal Information page is a useful tool in gathering information about your employees. This guide will explain how the Employee Personal Information page functions.

At the top of the page, the Employee name and ID number are shown. On the far right of that row is a wrench labeled Personal Information. Clicking the wrench will display the editing form for the employee’s information. This is where you would be able to update their information.

Below the Employee’s name is where general information about the employee can be found. On the left of this section, a picture can be uploaded of the employee by hovering over the picture and selecting “Upload ID Photo.” Note: All pictures must be .jpg or .png.

Below the picture, you can print the Certification Badge. The Certification Badge will have all the class certifications and when they expire.

To right of the picture is the Employee Status. This provides information the Home Location, Hire Date, Last Incident Date, and how many incidents the employee has been in during the last year.

Below that, links to the employee’s incident history, observer history, and observation history can be found. The incident history will show incidents where the employee was involved in an incident. The observer history will show observations where the employee was the primary observer. The observation history will show observations where the employee is involved as the primary contact.

The Training Status box is found at the bottom of the page. In this box, users can see if the Employee has any overdue training. The Training Status box also will show what Training Profiles the employee is assigned to.

Below that, users can view all the upcoming classes the employee is assigned to. If an employee has been enrolled in one of IndustrySafe’s online training courses, the employee will be able to click the “Start” or “Continue” button located next to the upcoming online course to launch the class.

The next section has links that will take the user to the required classes that the employee is assigned to take, and the training history which will show what classes the employee has already taken.

The right side of the screen is for attachments. By clicking the ADD button, attachments can be added to the box. Attachments is useful for uploading files related to the employee.


  1. Jean-Paul Geyer

    HI there. I have entered in the wrong information and realized it after I had selected the Complete option. I now cant go back and make the correction as the field in which the correction needs to be made is not editable

    Please may I have the email of a Person as opposed to a system that may assist me.

    Thank You

    Hoping for a swift response in being able to correct my mistake

    Kind Regards


    1. Danielle Goddard Article Author

      Good morning Jean-Paul,

      Certain fields that you see on the Incident Investigation form that do not appear to be editable (such as the Incident Type field, Business Group fields, etc.) can be edited on the incident’s Initial Incident form. These changes will then carry over to the Incident Investigation form.

      Hope this explanation is clear. Please contact if you have any questions about the points above, or if we can be of any further assistance.

      Thank you!
      Danielle Goddard
      Marketing & Support Analyst

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