The first step you must do is to define your each facility within your organization. For each facility, the user must generate a facility profile record. Facility Profile is included in the System Functions module. Using the Facility Profile form the user can identify the facilities, name, address, insurance information and OSHA specific information (including number of employees and hours worked). The facility drop down, which is located through out the application is populated by the records entered into the Facility Profile.

To add a record simply enter the System Functions module. On the vertical menu select Facility Profile. Then select Add Facility Profile. A blank recording form will appear. Complete the appropriate fields, including the required fields. Select the Save button. Once the Save button is selected, the record will be assigned a System ID and will appear in the Facility Profile Summary.

Quick Steps Example: Adding a Facility Profile

  1. Open the System Functions module by selecting the System Functions wrench in the main menu.
  2. On the horizontal menu select Company Profile > Add Facility
  3. A blank Facility Profile Form will appear.
  4. Complete the appropriate fields, including the required fields.
  5. Select the Save button.

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