There are four types of default IndustrySafe checklist categories: General Safety Checklists, OSHA Checklists – 1910, OSHA Checklists – 1926 and VPP Checklists. Each of these checklist categories include multiple inspection checklist templates. The pre-set checklists templates are based on OSHA regulations and best practices of the safety industry and IndustrySafe System Administrators can modify checklist categories, and checklist templates as well as checklist template settings.  Please see the knowledge base article for modifying checklist categories and checklist templates.

The following includes the default checklist template settings.

Topic (New in Release 5.1) -Grouping of checklist items
Checklist Number  -order in which checklist items are displayed.
Reference Number -reference on which checklist item is based on (often the CFR reference for OSHA Checklists)
Description –Checklist item or question
Status Image (New in Release 5.1)Image to display compliance or non-compliance
Status –Status of checklist items. As of Release 5.1 this is a drop down with the following default values.

OK -In Compliance
Deficient -Not in Compliance
NA -Not Applicable

Drop down values that are tagged to In Compliance will be counted as items in compliance when calculating the compliance rates for an inspection.  Inspection items that are tagged to Not in Compliance will be included as items reviewed (but not in compliance).  Inspection items tagged with Not Applicable will not be included in compliance rate calculations.

Score – A way to weight your checklist. Each checklist item would get a score.
Comments –
Text field available for comments
Date Corrected -Date field (this field is disabled by default)
Resolution –Text field available for resolution (this field is disabled by default).
Corrective Actions –New field as of Release 5.1, displays the ID of any corrective actions linked with the Inspection Item
Attachment –New field as of Release 5.1, displays any attachments linked with the Inspection Item

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