All of the below reports allow you to select your output (PDF, Word, Excel), filter down through hierarchy layers, and select a date range.

  • Print-Out Report – A print out of Corrective Actions form (includes all standard fields on the corrective action form, linked corrective actions, hazards, and supporting documents). Filters by Responsible Party and Status.
  • Corrective Actions Log – The Corrective Actions Log is an analysis grid. More information on the analysis grid is available here: IndustrySafe Analysis Grid Quick Guide
  • Corrective Actions by Type Log – Prints a log of Corrective Actions, grouped by originating type. Columns include: Originating Type, System ID, Date, Description, Recommendation, Responsible Party, Estimated Start Date, Estimated Completion Date, Actual Completion Date, Status and Number of Corrective Actions. Filters by status.

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