The IndustrySafe Close Feature allows you to close records. When a record is closed, the Close Section is populated with the user’s Employee ID, Name, and Title, identifying them as the closer. The record then becomes read only and may only be reopened by users with the ability to reopen records.

The close Section is disabled by default so you will need to enable this section first and then grant users the ability to close. First go to System Functions > Setup > Edit Forms and select the Recording Form you wish to modify and Additional Features for the Section. On that screen change the status of the Close Section to Enabled.

To grant users the ability to close records go to System Functions > Users > Add/Edit Levels and click on the Edit link next to the user level you wish to grant the ability to close. On that screen click on the Close check box in the columns of the appropriate the Modules to give users the ability to close records.

Each user that has access to close records will also need to have their user record linked to their employee record. To link the records, go to System Functions> Users> User Summary. Search for an individual user and select their record. Then search for the employee in the employee name field and select their name from the search. If they do not appear, the user needs to be added as an employee in IndustrySafe. Once their employee ID and employee name have been selected, select the Save button.

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