The Advanced Search feature is available in almost all IndustrySafe modules and can be accessed by selecting the magnifying glass> Advanced Search button from the summary screen. The Advanced Search feature allows users to perform a search on any of the fields within a form and export (selected) results to Excel.

Select a specific form to perform a search on. After selecting a recording form, a blank version of the form will appear. The user can search for any possible entry in any of the fields on the form. If the user types an asterisk (*) in an one line text box, all forms with a response in the selected field will be returned in the results listing. Searches can be made with any number of combinations of responses fields which are on the same recording form.

Users can also select which fields to include in the export to Excel using the checkbox next to each field on the Advanced Search. Users can also save a search query by selecting the Save Button or Save As to save a modification to an existing query. Once this button is selected users will be required to name and save their query. Users can access previously saved queries by selecting Load Saved Search or to access the most recent query Reload Last Search.

Once the search is generated, a summary screen will appear listing the records that meet the search criteria. By clicking Export the user can export the data to Excel.

Quick Steps Example: Running an Advanced Search on Corrective Actions

  1. Select the Corrective Actions tab.
  2. Select the magnifying glass from the summary screen.
  3. Open Advanced Search from Corrective Actions
  4. Enter your search criteria.
  5.  Select the Search button.
  6. A summary screen will appear displaying all of the records that meet the search criteria.
  7. Select the Export button to export the data to Excel.

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