Additional Features are Tasks, Events, Hazards, Corrective Actions, Email Notification, Supporting Documents and Close Section. These features are available on almost every form.

Quick Steps Example: Additional Features

  1. Open the System Functions module by selecting the System Functions wrench in the main menu.
  2. On the horizontal menu select Set-Up, then select Edit Forms.
  3. In the Recording Form drop down, select the Recording Form for which you desire to modify the additional features.
  4. In the Section drop down, select Additional Features
  5. The Additional Features available for this recording form will appear.
  6. Select the appropriate status for each Additional Feature.
  7. Available means the feature will be displayed; disable means that the feature will not be displayed.
  8. Select the Save button.


  1. Bobby Newsome

    How can I reopen an incident that has been closed, this incident has had addition events since it was closed and needs to be reopen to document further action that has taken place.

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