As part of IndustrySafe’s 5.12 Release, the process for building formulas within IndustrySafe’s log reports has changed to Oracle syntax. Any existing formulas that you have applied to analysis grids will need to be updated to use the following new syntax.

See the updated syntax documentation here. This guidance can also be obtained via the “Formula Help” button within IndustrySafe’s log reports.

Common examples of formulas that may need to be updated include:

  • The “DateDiff” function, used to compute the difference between two dates, previously used the following syntax: DateDiff(“d”, [Date_1], [Date_2])
    • The “DateDiff” function is now simplified to the following syntax: [Date_1] – [Date_2]
    • For example: [Date Reported] – [Date of Incident] (returns the difference between dates)
  • The “IIF” function, used to return one value or another, depending on if the expression evaluates to True or False, used the following syntax: IIF(expression,true-value,false-value) 
    • The “IIF” function is replaced with a “Case” function using the following syntax: Case When [ Expression] Then [True_Value] Else [False_Value] End
    • For example: Case When 1=2 then ‘Red’ else ‘Blue’ End (returns ‘Blue’ because 1 doesn’t equal 2)

If you have created Saved Log Reports that utilize a formula which are not accurately calculating after the 5.12 update is applied to your site, please reach out to An IndustrySafe Support Representative will work with you to ensure your formulas are accurate.

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