IndustrySafe automatically generates OSHA 301, 300, and 300A reports. As you enter incidents into the system, IndustrySafe alerts you to those incidents that are OSHA reportable, generates the appropriate 301 reports, and automatically updates the OSHA 300 log and 300A report. For large organizations, the OSHA logs and reports can easily be generated for multiple facilities.

View the IndustrySafe OSHA Guidance document here.

If you are setting up a new site, you will need to add your facilities (locations) and employees or contractors to your IndustrySafe site before you can add an incident (or generate an OSHA log).  See the Getting Started Guide for more information on this set-up (attached).

If you are using the IndustrySafe Demo Site (or your site has been set up), follow these steps to Generate an OSHA log:

1.  Go to the Incident module by selecting the Incident tab
2.  On the horizontal menu select Regulatory Reports
3.  Select the Regulatory Report you want to generate: OSHA 300, OSHA 300A, or OSHA 301
4.  Complete the appropriate filters (i.e. location, date range, etc).
5.  Select Create Report Button.
6.  The appropriate report will generate (Note:  Pop-up blockers will need to be disabled for the industrysafe site to allow reports to generate).

View the Quick Start Guide here.

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